A local plant shop is looking for unique branding and an advertising campaign or two, that reflects the down-to-earth and on-trend style of the store.
Alocasia plant shop has a brand style that caters to all genders, although predominantly female customers, aged 25-40. The brand is aesthetics forward, lots of plant illustrations and bold colour, hipster meets hippy.
Constraints: Being in an increasingly popular industry of plant sales, how can Alocasia stand out from the competitors and from other shops in the trendy area of Gastown, Vancouver?
The logo for Alocasia expresses the plant shop’s artistic flair based in nature, with the typeface 'Satisfy'. The leaf icon, used as the tittle over the 'i', can be for: smaller branding items, the social media icon and accessories.
Colour Scheme: 
Green: #456616
Pink: #E28492
The complementary colour scheme blends the green of plants with soft pink, a colour that is on-trend and suggests femininity.
Ad Campaign: Plant buyers often have a certain type of plant that they will gravitate towards buying. I created unique vector illustrations for each of these plants and categorised them to produce this ‘What’s you plant style?’ campaign. The ads also serve to engage the viewer as they scroll on social media.
Hand-drawn, original illustrations created specifically for the Alocasia brand.
2nd Ad Campaign: This local ad campaign will produce poster & magazine advertisements that compare the nature of the popular Stanley Park, with Alocasia’s plants that can be purchased and taken home. ‘Stanley Park vibes for the home’ reflects the idea of recreating the experience of nature at home, which became a popular intention over the Covid lockdown period. 
Flyer handouts created with the ‘What’s your plant style?’ tagline, but with a unique 'More is more' design, featuring multiple plant types. The idea being those who love buying new plants will appreciate the 10% discount offered with the card. They would be seen in cafes & universities of the surrounding Gastown area, to encourage local sales. 
The business card features a single illustration of a tineke rubber plant, beside the secondary information. It is otherwise a simple and clean design.
The branded paper bag allows for customers to spread the word as they walk around the city with their Alocasia purchases. Illustrated t-shirts can be purchased to allow customers to show off their own plant style.

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