Symbiosis Exhibition
with Rumble, East Vancouver, 2023
Parasite / Disconnect
Three works that look at the role of capitalism and spirituality in our lives.

There is a disconnect between how we live now and our true nature. Indigenous cultures lived in harmony with the planet and in tune with their own bodies for hundreds of years, before the western world and its material desires took over, draining us of our humanity. What sinister forces have brought us here, and how do we find a way back to our connection with the universe?
The work explores themes of spirituality, destruction and greed; examining the insidious progress of capitalism and the aged men who profit. There is a reflection on ancient spiritual practices, reminding us of our infinite connection to everything and everyone around us.
The first painting we are confronted with a face; eyes closed, expression neutral, perhaps even sad or avoidant. There is a growth of bright red and textured green flooding the space, creeping over our figure. The colours suggest violence, infection, disease; they inhabit and begin to take over the space. Does our figure have to close their eyes to avoid this infestation, or is this a representation of their mind?
The Baron
An aged and wrinkled white man squints at the viewer, in a sinister glare. Tension between his fragile, deeply wrinkled skin, and the aggressive expression he holds us in. The graphite drawing of an old white man represents the profits-before-people nature of capitalism. A sinister system, designed to benefit the top 1% and deplete the masses of their time and energy.
The third piece serves as a spiritual suggestion to reconnect with your inner peace, through practises such as meditation and working in harmony with the natural world around us. 
The figure in this painting reminds us of Gaia, mother earth, whose form melts into the mountains and becomes one with the breeze. The serene look on her face contrasts the negative expressions of the previous two works.
The Recollective Gallery
Market Drayton, England, 2013
The Recollective Gallery was a privately owned gallery space in a small neighbourhood of England. Sarah curated the monthly exhibitions, inviting local artists to collaborate with their artworks; from photography to painting and collage. 
The gallery held opening night events each month, bringing visitors from all over the country to the small town of Market Drayton.

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