Free Geek is a non profit that focuses on reducing electronic waste through refurbishing, reusing and recycling donations of electronic products. Their brand is down-to-earth, no frills, affordable and approachable.
I work as Free Geek Vancouver's social media designer; creating engaging content, bringing attention to special events and driving sales & promotions. 
Women's History Month: Free Geek has a fairly balanced social media audience of all genders, but they may have previously focused their campaigns towards the more typically masculine audience. 
I took advantage of Women's History Month as an opportunity to celebrate women in tech. While maintaining Free Geek's brand, I designed posts to illustrate two historical North American women and their contributions to the predominantly male industry of technology.
December Sale: To boost end of year sales, Free Geek Vancouver offered a two week discount, featuring different products each week. The task was to create a themed campaign to feature each weekly offering, bring awareness of the sale and maximise the online store revenue.

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